Infolettre diocésain 14 janvier 2020

From the Bishop's Office

The next meeting of the Priests' Council will be on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020.
A thriftshop at the Diocesan Retreat Center in Bathurst
The Diocese in currently working on a project to help those in need. A thriftshop will open at the Diocesan Retreat Center (775 College Street, Bathurst) in the next few weeks. 
Msgr Jodoin got the chance to discuss this beautiful project with Mr. François Vigneault of the French CBC network (Radio Canada Acadie). The interview, which was braodcasted on the news segment on Wednesday, January 8th (time stamp 43:11), can be viewd on the French CBC network (Radio Canada Acadie) website.
News of our priests
Priests celebrating birthdays in the month of January

  • Father Régent Landry
  • Father Jean-Gilles Haché
  • Father Serge Comeau
  • Father Claude Benoit

News of our religious orders
No news
In our parishes... on our bulletins
RESSOURCE DAY (In french) : Thursday, January 30th from 9am to 9pm,  with the Famille Myriam-de-la-Paix, at 1000 rue des Chalets, Sheila.  Theme : «  À l’école de la maîtrise de l’émotivité : pauvre dans le moment présent. Papa est providence ! »  ("At school to master emotion : poor in the moment. Father is providence"). Participants must bring their own lunch. Supper is included. Donations are welcome. Register by calling 395-4455.