Diocese Newsletter - November 27, 2019

From the Bishop's Office
Tuesday, November 26th, 2019, 21 administrative assistants as well as several pastors met at the Diocese Retreat Center for a day of training. All the parishes were represented. It was a very constructive day. Thank you to all who participated.

News of our priests
No news
News of our religious orders
Today, November 27th, 2019, the "Religieuses Hospitalières de Saint-Joseph" sisters celebrated the desacralization of their chapel.  Msgr Daniel Jodoin presided the 9 o'clock celebration assisted by Father Régent Landry, Chancellor of the Diocese.  This was a painful moment in the lives of these women of great Faith. Let us ask the Lord to fill them with his Graces.
In our parishes... on our bulletins
The Diocesan Youth Ministry  organised a meet with young Catholics of the Shippagan campus of the Université de Moncton on Saturday the 16th of november. The next meet (Sharing and Praying) will be held on December 14th
Benefit Concert - The choir of the Saint-Augustin Christian Community of Paquetville, in partnership with the choirs of the other Christian Communities of the Marie-L'Immaculée parish are preparing a Christmas Concert which will also include special guest apperances. The concert will be held in the Paquetville church on Friday, December 13th at 7pm. Tickets will be sold at the door at a cost of 13$ each. Details will be shared as they become available. Contact person, Mildred Pinet.
« Chanter et prier Marie (Sing and Pray Mary) » (in French) – An evening of song in honor of the Immaculate Conception, patron of the Christian Community of Pokemouche, in line with the 150th anniversary of the founding of the community. Come listen to meditations and some of the most beautiful religious songs about Our Lady. With Father Robert McGraw, Father Serge Comeau and Monique Arseneau, Sunday, December 8th at 1:30pm at the Pokemouche church. The next day will be held at 6:30pm, a Solemn Mass of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception presided by Father David Ferguson. Information - Diane at 506-727-2711
The Diocese Youth Ministry invites you to Alpha Campus (in French):

  • What is is?    It is a series of meets between students to offer the occasion to ask questions on the meaning of life and to reflect on the various connections that may exist between daily life and christian spirituality. 
  • Who is it for ?    You are a student or young professions and you wish to feel alive? You like to meet, exchange and share with other youth? You are looking for meaning? You are searching to live an authentic spirituality? You would like to discover the christian faith? You are disappointed with religion or its image? You think that believing in God is down right boring?
  • How does it work ?     Fun times :  Lunch (pizza) in an enjoyable, joyous and welcoming environnement. Discussion times on various themes: At each meet, a different subject will be presented. 
  • Time for exchange :   After each discussion there will be a time to exchange and share on what was presented. All points of view are welcome, feel free to express what you think of feel, without fear of judgement! Come with us to learn how to think differently, without tabous and stereotypes! 
  • How much does it cost ?   No strings attached!  Sessions are free.  For the lunch, everyone may contribute as they may. So come live an human and spiritual experience that may provoke and touch you in a surprising way! 

First meet will be held Wednesday, December 11th at 12 noon at the Diocese Retreat Center - Bathurst
For registration 506-655-7880 ou ccpvbathurst@gmail.com