Diocese Newsletter - February 18th, 2020

From the Bishop's Office
The new congregation of Rogationnists were welcomed by the Christian communities of the Marie-L'Immaculée parish over the weekend. Father Régent Landry accompanied them during their first celebration. 
News of our priests
Father Wesley Wade underwent an emergency eye operation last week. The operation was conducted in Quebec. Father Wade is doing well, and will need several weeks of recovery. Let us unite be united in prayer with him. 

News of our religious orders
No news
In our parishes... on our bulletins
FAITH EDUCATION FOR ADULTS (in French) : Following the Sunday of the Word of God and during Lent 2020, the Saint-André parish is preparing lectio divina (prayerful reading of the Bible) sessions. For centuries, many christians have used lectio divina to pray the Word of God. The first session will be an introduction to the Word of God and the steps of the lectio divina. The other sessions will permit the familiarization with this method. Welcome all!
Here are the dates and places of the sessions : 

  • February 27th at 6:30 in Shippagan ; 
  • March 11th and April 1st at 2:30pm in Pokemouche ; 
  • March 18th at 2:30pm in Inkerman.

MONTHLY DAY OF ADORATION WITH THE MYRIAMS : Saturday, February 29th from 7am to 9pm,  at the Famille Myriam-de-la-Paix,  1000 rue des Chalets, Sheila.  To register : 395-4455
CINEMA MYRIAM : La vie palpitante de St. Augustin (The thrilling life of St. Augustine) : Saturday, February 29th starting at 6:30pm,  at the Famille Myriam-de-la-Paix,  1000 rue des Chalets, Sheila.  For more information : 395-4455