Diocese Newsletter - December 24, 2019

From the Bishop's Office

On this beautiful Christmas night and throughout the coming year, let us be enlightened and guided by Christ, the light of the world. May we become stars for all those around us in the world today, to help guide them to the crèche so that they too may to meet this child, discover him as our savior, and feel the strenght of the Love of God!

+ Mgr Daniel Jodoin

News of our priests
Our deepest condolances to Father Maurice Frenette and his familly for the loss of his sister Lise. Mrs. Lise Frenette passed away on Saturday, December 21 at the age of 68. Funeral home visits will be held at Heritage Funeral Home in Beresford on Monday, December 30, from 1:30pm up to the time of the Funeral. The Funeral mass will be at the Ste-Therese-d'Avila in Robertville at 4pm. 
News of our religious orders
No news
In our Parish ... on our bulletins
Second chance for alumni "flambistes" both men and women,  to "relive their Flambée R1", February 21, 22 and 23 at the Diocese Retreat Center in Bathurst. Tools will be offered to work on the 5 major pillars of your live - Youself, Others, Family, Faith and Commitment. Contact Joceline 395-4205 or Decia 395-1287 to register. Let your Flambistes friends know about the event!