Christmas Wishes from Mgr Daniel Jodoin

  Christmas, the holiday of love, reminds us that we are not made to live alone, but quite the opposite, to be in a constant relationship with God, who comes close to us by the birth of his Son in our midst; a Son who became our brother, a master, and the Messiah, so long awaited by all humanity. In communion with Him, we are constantly brought to create ever closer ties with the members of our families and those who surround us, in particular the poorest, the destitute, the sick, the suffering, the people who are alone.
This year however, we are going to have a funny Christmas! Because of the pandemic, the governmental authorities require us to do quite the contrary, that is to put distance between us and not to get together.
In spite of everything, we will not be deprived of our holiday because the person who is the most important for us will always be there beside us at Christmas, and that is this child, the Christ, our Saviour.
 A French poet, Christian Bobin, once wrote this: “It would seem that the night must become even darker so that we can see some stars. Afterwards, we will see the stars by contrast. It is necessary for the darkness to become even more accentuated so that the first stars appear– the first, that means that there will be others!”
And it’s true. We often need the darkness of the night in our lives in order to see the stars appear, to discover what is essential: what makes us really live, the fundamental values that are the most dear to us, and in addition to discover who our true friends are.
Right now, this pandemic is a dark moment for us all, but a moment that allows us to discover, through this darkness, some stars that shine around us and in us: to rediscover, for example, the true meaning of the Christmas holiday, and to see Christ shine in our night, with a renewed splendour. Christ, the Light of the world, this light that, in each one of our lives, warms us, guides us, consoles us, gives us hope!
On this beautiful Christmas holiday, may the infant Jesus in the manger be this light, this star that will allow you to overcome the fears of your nights and to become, starting now, more and more a creature of love, in communion with our God and with all our brothers and sisters.

                                                            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021
                                                            With my blessing
                                                            + Daniel Jodoin, your bishop