Diocesan Coordinator :  Mrs. Jennifer PITRE

C.P. 460, 645 Murray Avenue
Bathurst, NB E2A 3Z4
Telephone : (506) 546-1420
Fax : (506) 546-1423
Email : jenniferp@nb.aibn.com

Supervisor : Father Keith GOLDRUP
Telephone : (506) 237-2027

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I would first like to congratulate you. Being a volunteer is a public professing of one’s Faith by serving the whole community. It’s actively participating in the Church’s Mission by using all the gifts the Lord has bestowed and by doing so becoming His eyes, hands and feet for the well being of all.

Thanks to you the Church can reflect the face of Christ and proclaim the values contained in the Gospel, and without you the Church’s message would be diminished. The need is great and the support of each and everyone is needed, whether priests or lay persons.

To assure a safe and secure environment for all, especially children, youth and vulnerable individuals, we have established and maintained this screening protocol over that last few years with good results.

I wish to thank each and every one of you who has participated. May God accompany you on your mission.

Fraternally  in Jesus Christ.
Mgr Daniel Jodoin


Diocesan Policy for the Protection of Minors or Vulnerable Persons

Diocesan Policy for Responsible Pastoral Ministries

Previous known as the "Diocesan Policy for the Protection of Minors and Vulneralbe Persons

It is thanks to the generosity and efforts of the many volunteers working in our parishes that we can continue the Church’s Mission – To bring Jesus Christ and His message to our world.
All volunteers involved in any sector of pastoral life need training, support and appreciation to continue to answer the call of their Christening and accomplish their ministries.
The Church has the responsibility to help those who are vulnerable (children, youth and vulnerable adults) by providing them with a safe environment where they may receive proper attentions and treatment.
Our plan to protect these individuals demonstrates that we will do everything possible to fulfil this responsibility!
Access to the Abuse Prevention Training Session
Here are the documents and forms needed to implement our Policy and work towards protecting minors and vulnerable individuals:

Diocesan Policy for Responsible Pastoral Ministries

Annex 1 : Volunteer position descriptions
Annex 2 : Requirements' grid for screening policy file
Annex 3 : Risk evaluation guide
Annex 4 :Control list of installations
Annex 6 : Update - Volunteer file
Annex 7 : Update - Employee file

Sheet A : Attendance Sheet - Activities with minors
Sheet C : Visit or Communion to private homes
Sheet D : Visit or Communion to institutions or residences

Form A : Volunteer Application Form
Form A1 : Employment Application Form
Form A2 : Interview Questionnaire
Form A3 : Reference Questionnaire
Form B : Employee or Volunteer Commitment Form
Form C : General Incident Report Form
Form D : Program Waiver and Medical Release Form
Form E : Publication Consent Form
Form F : Transportation Authorization Form
Form G : Rental Agreement Form
Form H : Physicial Installation - Damage Report Form