Parish Section - Diocesan Documents

Diocesan Administration Office

Our office manages the administration of temporal goods and financial accounts of the Diocese. 

Records and files managed by the Administration Office include:
• Payroll management for priests and diocese's lay employees,
• Accounts receivables and accounts payables,
• Health benefits accounts,
• Retirement savings plan for the priests and diocese's lay employees.

The Administration Office also lends support to the administrative assistants working at the parish leve in regards to :
• The various computer software programs used,
• The collecting of the annual parish financial reports, and
• The assurance of all necessary follow-ups.

Twice a year, the Administration Office organizes training sessions for parish administrative assistants. The employees of the Administration Office work in close collaboration with priests and parish staff.
Father Keith Goldrup, responsible for the diocese's insurance policy and its cemeteries files, can count on the full cooperation of the administration office.
Documents to be kept for a period of 7 years
Documents to be kept permanently
Explanation of the billing of the Diocesan Tax

Here is a list of the reports that each parish must send to the Diocese on a yearly basis :
Monthly mass report
Annual mass report
• Start of year check list


Policy and Regulation for the Cemeteries
Appendix to the Cemetery Regulations
Cemetery Lot Rental Agreement