Televised Masses and available online ressources

Televised Masses and available online ressources
Due to the situation resulting from COVID-19, we have received important information, which I am happy to share with you, regarding TV Masses and Available Resources - at this time.
TV Masses:
Télévision Sel + Lumière informed us that it had signed agreements with cable distributors across Canada (Rogers, Bell, Telus, Shaw Direct, Vidéotron) so that Télévision Sel + Lumière was accessible free of charge to all subscribers until the 1st May 2020. Thus, anyone subscribed to cable television will be able to access Salt + Light Television and, by the same token, the televised daily Mass as well as the Sunday Mass which are produced by the National Catholic Broadcasting Council.
In addition, “La Messe du jour”, produced and broadcast by Salt + Light Television six days a week from the crypt of Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal will also be televised on Sunday thanks to arrangements with the Archdiocese of Montreal. Consequently, everyone can have access to television mass in French and English seven days a week.
Salt + Light TV retransmits the daily mass celebrated by Pope Francis at Casa Santa Marta. This program is broadcasted every day at 9 a.m. and will be televised in French and English.
You will find attached a poster designed by Télévision Sel + Lumière which succinctly provides Mass times on social networks.
The list of channel numbers for each cable operator that broadcasts Salt + Light Television can be found at
Please note that Daily TV Mass is available on other faith-based television networks in addition to Salt + Light Television. The different Mass networks and times are available at
In the same vein, please note that the weekly program (Sunday) "Le Jour du Seigneur" (Radio Canada) will continue to provide Sunday Mass at the usual time and channel.
Resources for mass in PDF:
Novalis, publishers of “Prions en Église” and “Living with Christ”, has informed the CCCB General Secretariat that during the current health crisis, it is ready to publish PDF versions of the “Prions en Église” and the “Living with Christ” pages for Sunday and Daily Masses on its website. This is to allow people to download them for free during this limited period - until March 29; this offer will then be evaluated based on the situation at that time. These resources can help worshipers who watch Mass on television or on the Internet from their homes. At the very least, they can read the scriptures and watch TV celebrations. The CECC has agreed to Novalis to do so.
The version approved for use in Canada of the texts of the Sacred Scripture is available on the website of the Association épiscopale liturgique pour les pays francophones (AELF) at