Diocese Newsletter - October 16, 2019

From the Bishop's Office
Ordo 2020
The Diocese will order the Ordo for retired priests and priests who offer replacement services in our parishes, for senior homes and for religious orders. The order will be passed at the beginning of November. If you need a 2020 Ordo, please contact Pauline Vienneau at 506-546-1420 or paulinev@nb.aibn.com
News of our priests
No news

News of our religious orders
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In our parishes... on our bulletins
Special Collections
This year, thanks your generosity, the special collection for Development and Peace amounted to $28 955.71 and the special collection for the Holy Lands amounted to $19 898.15. Both amounts have been sent to Development and Peace and the Commissariat of the Holy Lands, respectively. Thank You!
For Our Common Home
Join the Development and Peace "For Our Common Home" campaign to learn more about the vital role the Amazon plays for the entire planet and the importance of preserving this rainforest. Let's stand alongside those who protect the Amazon. A future for the Amazon is a future for all! You are invited to participate in a training which will be held in the basement of the Sacred Heart Cathedral on October 27 at 1:30 pm.
A Day of Resoucement 
Thurday, Octobre 24 from 9 am to 9 pm
at the Familly Myriam-de-la-Paix, 1000 rue des Chalets, Sheila. Theme : “À l’école de la maîtrise de l’émotivité” (At the School of Emotional Control). Each person brings his or her own lunch. Supper and beverages will be supplied. Donations welcome. Register by phone at 395-4455.