Diocese Newsletter - November 10th, 2020

From the Bishop's Office

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
Unfortunately the Diocese has received a formal complaint concerning an allegation of sexual misconduct involving Fr. Patrick McGraw and an adult.
Following our procedures and protocol, Fr. McGraw has been suspended from ministry while we complete our investigation.
In addition, following other complaints, it has come to our attention that certain financial irregularities may have occurred involving Fr. McGraw. This is also under investigation.
Fr Régent Landry, Vicar General, has been appointed Pastor of the Saint-Jean-Eudes Parish.
The Diocese takes any complaints regarding matters of alleged misconduct very seriously and is grateful to those who, in accordance with our policies and procedures, bring matters forward.
We pray for all those who are impacted by this painful situation.

News of our priests
Birthdays in the month of November :

  • Father Robert Boisvert, c.j.m.
  • Father Edmond Thériault
  • Father Emard Duguay, c.j.m.
  • Father Anthony Umunna, SMMM

News of our religious orders
No news
In our parishes... on our bulletinsnos bulletins

I give for the Vitality of my Church

On October 31st, 2020 we received the sum of 14,089.50$ in pre-authorized donations that we distributed accordingly to the participating parishes.
If you have questions regarding the program, do not hesitate to send them by email to donation@nb.aibn.com