Diocese Newsletter - May 19th, 2020

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 Covid-19, a grace for the Church (translated from French “Le covid-19, une grâce pour l’Église)
 Léon Robichaud, Shippagan, N-B

I am inspired by several theological disciplines in the thought that follows.
At its beginning, the Church was firstly, a mystery of poverty. Jesus is the sign from God, poor and fragile. All Church documents must be read from this light, a humble and fragile God. The Church can only be understood from this perspective of appropriation. The essence of the Church is to be in mystery of poverty. The vocation of the Church must not shield the Divine Light. The only way to understand the Church is to look at it as a visible presence that lights the way for its faithful.
The pandemic helps us to get rid of the image of a God who comes to us from the theocracy to discover that of eternal poverty. The Church is above all, the vehicle of the presence of its founder, Jesus. The Church is neither its institutions nor its power, it is above all, the living community of its assembly of faithful. During this generalized crisis for institutions, covid-19 does not spare the Church, it reveals the Church in its essence of poverty. The Church of Jesus is nothing other than being the vehicle of God's poverty. The pandemic invites the Church to rid itself of everything that prevents it from being the sign of the presence of Jesus, gently and humble of heart.
Nothing is more damaging to the Church than to see it as an institution that imposes itself. That serves itself instead of others. The power of the Church, is to be diminished, to get down on one’s knees like Jesus at the washing of the feet. There may still possibly be men of the Church who take power. And that power leads to a loss of moral authority. Always, the Church must avoid becoming the master, but must simply be love.
I end with a quote from "Liberté intérieure et révélation", dans Foi Vivante, 22 (1965), p.35 ("Internal freedom and revelation", in Living Faith, 22 (1965), p.35). The Church is truly the Agape - Love - as Saint Ignatius called it; It has only love to defend itself and spread. It must contribute to everything that is human, by the brilliance of its transparency to Jesus and by the authority of its mission, in the kneeling at the washing of the feet. 

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