Diocese Newsletter - June 16th, 2020

From the Bishop's Office
On Sunday, June 14th, 2020, at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bathurst, Mgsr Jodoin confirmed 11 young adults from various Christian communities. A number of these individuals also received their First Communion. These yound adults followed the Frech RCIA program offered by the Diocese. May we present to you:  Angel Power (Tracadie), Brice Kamdem (Bathurst), Justin Albert (Néguac), Manuella Harold Mefanyo (Shippagan), Marbin Djiotsa Dongmo (Bathurst), Martin Sonier (Tracadie), Maxime Basque (Sheila), Pamela Vienneau (Sheila), Steven LeBreton Duguay (Sainte-Rose) Tommy Comeau Fournier (Rivière-du-Portage) and Ulrich Tshakam Tamo (Bathurst).  We rejoice with them to have lived these beautiful sacraments of Christian initiation. May the Lord who has just filled them with his spirit accompany them throughout their lives.
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Hold on to what is good
Life continues and calls for creativity, even in a pandemic. I enjoy the gift of each day breathing in the fresh air until joy fills me up.
I get up every morning, being careful not to keep everything inside, as the media message says. I learn that we have become responsible for those we love, and even those we love less.
In my confinement, I write a text on death, a look at the completion of life. If published, it will be my 12th book.
Every week, I write a few consolation letters to my distant friends and phone calls to the closest.
I sometimes prepare a lobster meal for someone who has difficulty using their hands. I took an old man to the hospital.
I walk as often as possible while meditating. I take more care of myself by slowing down in my movements and movements. Above all, I no longer take things for granted.
A few minutes from my accommodation, there is a walkway, near the water; outdoors, I reflected. The morning of my birthday, I was alone and thinking about how lucky I was to be healthy, 85 years old. I thought of those who gave me life. Mom and dad died in the fiftieth year of their lives, leaving 12 orphaned children.
Looking at everything I have, forgetting what I haven't had, I feel like a wealthy man, even though I live on my old age pension and the guaranteed income supplement.
I am in a state of thanks in order to grow old without regret and without being afraid of the future, by avoiding crying over my painful memories of yesteryear. With old age, I still have time to live happily and give without waiting in return. Aging beautifully means aging with self-satisfaction, and when the last day comes, the point of no return, it will only be a goodbye!

Léon Robichaud

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