Diocese Newsletter - July 21st, 2020

From the Office of the Bishop
On Sunday, July 26th, our Bishop will preside the 10 o’clock Mass in the Caraquet church for the Feast of Saint Anne. A reminder that the novena is aired on the CKLE-CJVA 94,1 FM radio station as well as on the Diocese Facebook page from July 17th to the 26th.
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The bishop of Bathurst gets “second-handed”   We created the verb “deconfinement” which means to remove the existing limits to act differently. In our towns and villages, there are many churches, buildings, structures that we maintain. We must mourn these to rely instead on fraternal sharing; it is the soul of the ecclesial community.
The opening of the Sacred Heart Thrift Shop in Bathurst is the harbinger of a post-covid Church that I dreamed of. In the Church, the important thing is not to be successful, the main thing is to want to bear fruit, to have an intention of helping others.
How relevant would our churches be if they did not pay attention to those who cry, who are hungry, who are oppressed or abandoned? The very essence of the Church desired by its founder is to be a mystery of poverty. The Church can only be understood and loved from this perspective of misappropriation, according to the act of kneeling and washing of the feet.
There must be a connection between life, and what we do at the altar. At Mass, it is a meeting to accomplish an act rooted in life by placing ourselves at the service of our suffering humanity. This service to humanity is much more meaningful than performing a simple ceremony.
Léon Robichaud, Shippagan (Translated from an opinion article published in the Acadie Nouvelle)


In our parishes... on our bulletins
The Diocese is pleased to announce that on Tuesday, July 14th was held the blessing and opening celebration of the Sacred Heart Thrift Shop.
The thrift shop is located at the Diocese Retreat Center at 775 College Street, Bathurst, NB E2A 4B9.
Welcome All!

Here are the hours of operation:

  • Wednesdays from 10 am to 5 pm
  • Thursdays from 1 pm to 8 pm
  • Fridays from 1 pm to 8 pm
  • Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm

TVA (French television broadcaster) conducted a news report about the thrift shop, here is the link: