Diocese Newsletter - February 25th, 2020

From the Bishop's Office

« The ecological conversion must be understood in an integral way, as a transformation of how we relate to our sisters and brothers, to other living beings, to creation in all its rich variety and to the Creator who is the origin and source of all life. For Christians, it requires that “the effects of their encounter with Jesus Christ become evident in their relationship with the world around them. »
Excerpt from Pope Francis for the Celebration of the 53rd World Day of Peace, 1 January 2020


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

During Lent, a time of preparation for the feast of Easter celebrating the Resurrection of Christ our Redeemer, we are invited to take paths of conversion, solidarity and sharing. Since 1967, the Lent of Sharing for Development and Peace – Caritas Canada has been instilled at the heart of this time of inner transformation through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
This year, in response to the call of Pope Francis, Development and Peace, as part of the For our Common Home campaign, offers us a very good opportunity to take a path of integral ecological conversion. To stand in solidarity with our sisters and our brothers in the Amazon and elsewhere who protect the forest, the land, the air and the water, thus preserving our common home for present and future generations.
On March 29, 5th Sunday of Lent, we will celebrate Solidarity Sunday across the country. On this Sunday, I invite each Christian community of our diocese to pray for peace, to reflect in the Church on the preservation of the environment and to bear witness to the actions carried out by the various Development and Peace partners to save the Amazon rainforest.
During the Solidarity Sunday collection, let us give wholeheartedly. We will then be able, through our donation, to stand in solidarity with the various partners of Development and Peace - Caritas Canada, who proudly work to build a world of justice, sharing and peace in many countries. Last year, thanks to your generosity, Development and Peace invested $ 31 million in humanitarian aid projects affecting, among other things, justice for women, ecological justice, peace and democracy. Almost 17 million people have been helped through 149 projects in 36 countries.
As we march towards Easter, in communion with our brothers and sisters in the Amazon, let us embark on a path of conversion, solidarity and sharing in the name of our faith!
† Daniel Jodoin, your bishop 

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