Diocese Newsletter - April 2, 2019

From the Bishop's Office
This year, the organization of the Chrism Mass was entrusted to the parish of Saint-François-d'Assise. The diocese asks that the pastors of each parish send one representative, a person involved in pastoral work, for each Christian community to collect the Holy Oils. The representatives will come forward as a group to receive a basket for the parish which will contain the oils for each community. We ask that you provide the names of the representatives by Friday, April 5, to the Bishop's Office to the care of Mrs. Pauline Vienneau, 546-1420 or by fax at 546-1423 or by email at paulinev@nb.aibn.com .
Special Meeting : The Christian community of Saint-Paul in Bas-Caraquet is invited to a special convocation for the presentation of the plans for the new church. The meeting will be on Thursday, April 11 at 7pm at the "Escale des jeunes" school in Bas-Caraquet. All are welcome !
In our parishes…

Chrism Mass: The Chrism Mass is one of the most solemn liturgies of our Church. The bishop consecrates the Holy Chrism and blesses the oils of the catechumens and of the sick. The priests renew their commitment; and also recognizes the ministry of priests in connection with the bishop. This is a major celebration to which all priests and faithful of the diocese are invited to give thanks to the Lord for the sacraments of the Church and for all those whom He calls to the mission. All the faithful of the diocese are therefore invited to participate in this important celebration which will be held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bathurst on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 7 pm. Welcome to all.
The "Ensemble vocal Douce Harmonie" will be joined by the choir "Les étoiles de l'école Marguerite-Bourgeoys", the masculine vocal group "Les Gaillards d'Avant" et and the soprano singer Bernice Sivret at their grand spring concert " « Deux générations chantent en harmonie (Ttwo generations sing in harmony)», on Sunday, April 28 at 2:30pm at the Saint-Joachim chruch in Bertrand.  The "Ensemble Vocal Douce Harmonie", under the direction of Mrs Émé Lacroix, will be accompagnied by Mrs Ghislaine Foulem-Thériault on piano, Mr Robert Losier on bass, Justin Doucet on violon, Mrs Linda Dumouchel on flute, Mr Jean-Marie (Pit) Benoit on guitar and  Gaétan Dugas on native american drums. Tickets are available through on the the ensembles members at a cost of $20 for adults and free form children 12 and under. Tickets will also be on sale at the door on the day of the concert.