Chrism Mass 2015

The Chrism Mass is a very important celebration for our diocesan church. The faithful and priests of the Diocese gather with their Bishop to celebrate Eucharist and the consecration of the Sacred Chrism, the oil of Baptism and the oil of the sick which will be used in the various parishes. As well, the priests of the Diocese renew their promise to the Bishop and to serve the Diocese.

It's at the solemn celebration that all the priests and the faithful of the Diocese are invited to give thanks to the Lord for the Sacraments of the Church and for those called to exercise Missions within the Church.

Therefore all the faithful are invited to attend this important celebration for our Diocesan Church at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday, March 31st at 7:00pm.

Welcome to all!

To view photographs taken during this year's Chrism Mass view our Chrism Mass 2015 photo gallery.