A small "treasure" discovered in Bas-Caraquet

The first page of the book. Inscription : Paroisse St-Paul de Caraquet 1904

During the construction of the new church in Bas-Caraquet, workers found a time capsule inside a corner stone wich dated from September 25, 1904. 
This heritage treasure was discovered when workers were getting ready to cut one of the old church's corner stones to install it on the inside porch wall of hte new church. The time capsule contained plans of the old church and a book. 
The full contents of the book are not yet known, but on the first page was written « Paroisse St-Paul de Caraquet 1904. » For the moment we can only hope that the book contains information on the history of the parish and of various events from that time. To preserve these precious items form the past, they have been scealed and sent to specialists in the field of document preservation.