​2015-2016 Annual Diocesan Policy Assembly

The diocesan policy committee convenes ALL persons offering services to a parish or to the diocese to an important meeting. The objective of this meeting will be to present the policy and explain the changes that have been made. Here are the scheduled dates:

This assembly is for all volunteers, policy coordinators and employees.
English Sessions
Tuesday, November 17th : 2:00pm – St. John, The Evangelist church in Belledune
Tuesday, November 17th : 6:30pm – St. Thomas Aquinas church in Campbellton
Monday, November 23rd : 6:30pm – Holy Family church in Bathurst
French Sessions
Monday, November 16th : 2:00pm – St-Bernard church in Néguac
Monday, November 16th : 6 :30pm –St-Jean-Baptiste et St-Joseph church in Tracadie
Wednesday, November 18th : 2 :00pm –Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire church in Bathurst
Wednesday, November 18th : 6:30pm –St-Polycarpe church in Petit-Rocher
Thursday, November 19th : 2 :00pm – In the sacristie of the St-Augustin church in Paquetville
Thursday, November 19th : 6:30pm – St-Pierre-aux-Liens church in Caraquet
Monday, November 23rd : 2:00pm – St-Isidore church in Saint-Isidore
Tuesday, November 24th : 2:00pm – Ste-Trinité church in Eel River Crossing
Tuesday, November 24th : 6:30pm – Notre-Dame-des-Neiges church in Campbellton
Thursday, November 26th : 2:00pm – Notre-Dame-des-Flots church in Lamèque
Thursday, November 26th : 6 :30pm – At the center in front of the St-Michel church in Inkerman