From the Bishop's Office

on this 31st of May 2020


Message from our Bishop

Here we are, confined once more for little while, but that is understandable. We must be cautious. This morning, with all our hearts, let us be united in prayer with the people of the Restigouche area who need it.
Today we are celebrating the Feast of Pentecost, the time when the assembled apostles received the Holy Spirit promised by Christ. A Spirit that still breathes on the Church whom we are. During this time of pandemic, let us ask him to send us a Spirit of confidence, a Spirit of serenity.

  • In order to have more confidence in those around us during this pandemic, which could even last for a year or more. It is completely normal and human for some people to have certain fears and experience some stress during this pandemic. Nevertheless, as the Minister of Health mentioned last Friday, we must avoid seeing others as threats, especially if they come from other regions or other provinces. We must learn rather, to see others as people like us, who want to stay healthy and who do not want endanger the lives of others. We must live with trust. Otherwise, some people may get mentally, and even physically, ill; not from the virus, but from other things.


  • Let Him also send this Spirit of confidence to reassure us in the face of this pandemic. People with the virus will be everywhere, this is to be expected. However, we must remember that our healthcare services are monitoring the situation well, even without the discovery of a vaccine. It is not because a person becomes infected with the virus that they will die. So far, 99.94% of people worldwide who have had the virus have been cured and have returned to normal lives. The majority of them only experienced mild symptoms, and were cared for in their homes. However, the virus is especially dangerous for a certain group of people: the elderly and those who already have significant health problems. We must therefore pay special attention to these people who must protect themselves better and whom we must all protect better.

We have faith. We know that we are never alone in the face of tragedy, suffering or hardship. The Lord is there with us, watching over us. May his Spirit of Peace, strength and light continue to blow over us and drive away, as he did for his apostles, all our worries and our fears.
+ Daniel Jodoin, your Bishop

I ask that all parishes put in place these guidelines while remaining attentive to the evolution of the situation. Specific guidelines for Holy Week will be issued in the near future



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