From the Bishop's Office

on this 26th of March 2020


The Church is a family which always remains at the service of God and of its children in all circumstances, particular when they need it the most. Christ is counting on us to faithfully pursue the mission he has entrusted to us. You are therefore, as priest and pastors (as well as myself as bishop), lay employees and individuals who have been asked by the diocese, invited to respond to the needs of the faithful by using creativity. Targeting in particular the poorest , the sick, the lonely, the elderly, the people in mourning, the fearful people and anyone who wishes to nourish their spiritual life or celebrate the sacrament of the sick, for example. All this can be done by strictly respecting the government's preventive health standards. It is always possible, for example, to reach them by telephone, to inquire about their health and their situation, to offer help to the elderly for their purchases at the pharmacy or grocery store, to ensure that they are parish leaflets, prayers, candles, etc.).
The Church does not abandon anyone. On the contrary, it is even more present and full of hope!

Fraternally in Jesus Christ
+ Daniel Jodoin

I ask that all parishes put in place these guidelines while remaining attentive to the evolution of the situation. Specific guidelines for Holy Week will be issued in the near future


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