From the Bishop's Office

on this 19th of March 2019


On Friday, March 15 2019, a MEMO was sent from the bishop's office to all parish priests and central office assistants. Starting this week, parish bulletins must be sent to the diocese. They will be placed on our website.  
From Friday, March 29 to Wednesday, April 3, the Diocese of Bathurst is pleased to welcome, for a second time, François Bergeron, a
 Quebec artist and storyteller. François Bergeron, the Chalk Artist, draws a story taken from the Bible on a giant fresco. He uses chalks, and with a beautiful light show we discover the love of God which is mercy. Mr. Bergeron will offer several French shows for the children in catechism, the general public as well as for residents of various nursing homes in the region. For the full schedule of Mr. Bergeron's performances you can visit the following link:
Tuesday, April 16 2019, at 7 pm
THE CHRISM MASS will take place at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bathurst, . This year, the organization of the celebration was entrusted to the Saint-François-d'Assise parish.
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